by Black Witch

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DoomStonePsyCult This is a classic. From the moment you press play to the second it ends you are pummeled with some of the best Stoner Doom riffage out there. And those vocals, oh yeah. Favorite track: Eyes Inside.
Misfit1969 thumbnail
Misfit1969 Can't put my finger on it but I just like this band. Music is heavy and the vocals are kool. Good stuff from Brazil, the Olympics have been awesome! The singer is kinda hot to me also...... Favorite track: First Ritual.
He Who Walks Alone
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He Who Walks Alone Thank you for one of the best albums I've ever heard. Please release more music, and never change your style.

11/10 Favorite track: Samsara.
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Recorded by Rafaum Costa on Mamba Negra Studio, Brazil.
Mixed and Mastered by Paolo Bruno on Icone Studio, Brazil.

Black Witch is:
Lorena Rocha (vocals)
Rafaum Costa (guitar)
Fred Nunes (drums)
Jorge Luiz (bass)


released September 11, 2015

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Black Witch Mossoró, Brazil

Black Witch is a band formed on May, 2015 on a desertic city called Mossoro, Brazil.

Lorena Rocha
Rafaum Costa
Amilton Jr.
Fred Nunes

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Track Name: First Ritual
I called his name on the old crossroad
It's holding me down to this void
The box was buried, my soul within it
I signed the deal, I signed the goddamn deal

Just one thing before you go
There's a price I hope you know
To get rid of all your sore
You'll have to save your soul

Late last night he walked on my door
He said "Hey girl, I've got what you want"
I've found the source of all the answers
The darkness will return
Track Name: Necromancer
Can't say I do not deserve this
And every time I hear you say there's somebody in charge
He came walking from the woods
Leading the scum and dragging us to hell

He's the one we don't put names
Hollow wand, shadow with no face
Put your enemies aside, nowhere else to hide

He takes your children from your homes
He talks to the fallen ones
They're hovering above
The haze is swallowing us all
Take his hand and fall, he's dragging us to hell
Track Name: Eyes Inside
When I'm dope I like to light the candles
Red all over your head
Hear the time pass, ticking down so slow
Inside there's fear growing

It's time to go where my mind begins
Wave goodbye to this world
When the time comes, I'll be here waiting
'Till there's nothing to know

Little children of lies getting slaughtered tonight
Shut down your eyes, cause today I die

It's time to go where my mind begins
Wave goodbye to this world
When my time comes, I'll be here waiting
'Till there's nothing to know
Track Name: Salem
The rite is almost ready, got a little left to do
Intensify the prayers for it's coming above you
The sun has already gone now
There's nowhere to run to
The moon is bright and clear, and we're going right on cue

We run around the corners searching that which we don't own
We open hand of something and let it with the flow
The stick is is slowly withering, my will had crushed down
I bow down to the wizard, allow me to reach out

In this crooked village, years from now
Wise women were burn in firepits on the church lands
They live 'till now, reborn with all hate to spare
Track Name: Samsara
People don't know it, we belong ourselves
No one's gonna save yourself
Running around in circles, locked into the shell
No one's gonna save yourself

Crippling slowly, weeping at the dawn
Oh, I was gonna set yourself
Randomized struggles to try and hatch the shell
No one's gonna save yourself

Don't try to reach behind
Yeah, then you dance in Samsara

Seeming at the bottom, water to the neck
No one's gonna send you help
Drown yourself into the swell, try to understand
No one's gonna save yourself